What is Cold Process Soap?

Cold process soap is created by mixing oils, butter, and or fats made with water and (lye) Sodium Hydroxide causing a chemical reaction called Saponification.

Is there lye in my soap? 

No, the lye becomes neutralized during the curing process, so, therefore, no lye remains in the finishing product.

What is curing?

Curing is when the soap is cut into bars and stored at low temperatures to avoid humidity and free air.  

The average time to curing soap is 4-6 weeks, but it can be longer depending on the ingredients used in the soap or personal preference.  

I usually cure my soap for the entire six weeks or more, depending on the recipe used in my soaps. This curing process makes the soap a much harder bar, offering a creamy, bubbly, and soothing bar with great lather.

How should I store my soap?

For a longer-lasting bar soap, store in a draining soap dish or any dry surface areas.

Custom / Personalized orders.

I will gladly accept custom orders or requests for preferred colors, ingredients, or fragrances. Please feel free to contact or send us a message.