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Banana Coconut Soap

Banana Coconut Soap

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These bars boast a delightful aroma of a creamy tropical blend featuring bananas, coconut milk, a hint of sweet star anise, and juicy orange nectar. Each bar is made from natural and organic ingredients in small batches at Halian's Creations. They produce a rich lather that is gentle and nourishing to the skin. Every soap undergoes a thorough inspection before packing and shipping. The size of each bar varies, and it weighs 4.0 oz (113 g).

The soap's ingredients include distilled water, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, Tussah silk, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, mica colorants, and fragrance oil. The palm oil used is from sustainable sources and is organic.

Please note that bars are made in small batches, so colors and bar sizes may vary from each set of soap. If allergic or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use of the soap.

To keep your handmade soap in good condition, allow it to dry between uses by using a soap dish that drains and keep it away from direct streams of water.

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