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Halian's Creations LLC

Moisturizing Lotions Bars

Moisturizing Lotions Bars

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Achieve healthy, glowing skin with our Moisturizing Lotion! Our luxurious blend of natural ingredients includes Beeswax, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Fruit Extract (AHA) to provide intense hydration, nourishment, and protection to your skin. Beeswax locks in moisture and shields your skin from harsh environmental factors, while Shea butter and Cocoa butter leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Fruit Extract (AHA) gently exfoliates and brightens your skin, revealing a more radiant and youthful complexion. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a healthy, glowing complexion with our Moisturizing Lotion. Try it now and experience the difference! 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, Cocoa Butter, Fruit Extract (AHA) Extract Fragrance.


To Use: Apply gently to dry skin using a massaging motion.

Size available: 0.50oz, 1oz tube. 1oz tin. 2oz tube

The 1oz tin will no longer be available as it is being discontinued in order to make room for new scents.

Scents available:

Pearberry: Juicy green pears, crisp red apples, fuzzy peaches, and a ripe touch of melon. A delightful balance of pears and berries with green top notes and hints of banana, cherry, and mixed berries.

Oats and Honey:  oatmeal, milk, honey, and almonds

Star Showers:

Top Notes: Grape Middle Notes: Citrus, Orange, Lime, Floral
 Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Musk

Island Hibiscus: Floral notes of hibiscus, jasmine, and tuberose blend with hints of powder, sandalwood, and black currant.

Chocolate: Sweet chocolate. Freshly baked brownie made from sweet chocolate

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Aroma of cardamom, ground cinnamon, pumpkin puree, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese and caramelized sugar blended to true perfection.

Vanilla Vanilla: creamy vanilla, vanilla bean, French vanilla and caramel.

Pine apple- Pineapple , circus, rosemary, sage, amber, anise, green leaves.

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